The Samsung Tablet

Yesterday, Sprint announced that it would be adding the Samsung Galaxy Tab to their line-up.  They are offering it at a lower price point than Verizon.  When a “wanting”consumer chooses the Sprint iteration, they get the device for a measly $499.  They also must commit to a 2 year agreement and choose from the $20 2GB plan or the $60 5GB plan.  Overall, the Tab seems like it’ll be a cool little device to have to do “stuff” with.  I’m still trying to figure out what would be the best use for this device.  Forgive me, I’m just barely getting used to me iPad.

The key word there is “little”.  As a reluctant iPad owner (I’ll explain that another time), I can attest to the fact that anything less than 9.7″ is just a really big phone, or a netbook without a keyboard.  Actually, most netbooks have at least 9-10″ screens.  There’s probably going to be a lot of zoomin’ going on with this Tab.

And Sprint really dropped the ball by not shooting for a 4G version.  I mean really!  It would have given them an easy edge over the Verizon version.  At least until Verizon launches LTE and Sprint shuts down the WiMax…..

Anyway, I think the concept of the device is great, and that Samsung can do great things in this segment.  I do feel that it was kind of rushed to market because no one was trying to take on the iPad.  Well, this surely isn’t going to take any significant marketshare from Mr. Jobs.

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