Hey Bear Fans, the time has come…

So the time is now upon us Chicagoans. The Bears and the Packers are finally in a playoff game, together.


You can mention all the stats you want, like it’s been 25 years since the Bears have been to the Super Bowl, or it’s been 80 years since the Bears and Packers have played against each other in a playoff game, or Devin Hesters record breaking run; but the fact remains that the Bears have 60 minutes to find a way to shut down Green Bay, and protect Cutler from another concussion.


Those that know me, know that I don’t make predictions on Bears games, I’m superstitious that way. I will say that this will be a long, tough, and gut wrenching game for any real Bear fan. We will all be thinking of that game on January 2nd that ended in a 3-10 loss by the Bears. That same game was the key to the Packers entering the playoffs. If only we had converted that 3rd down, score that touchdown we would be facing another team.


In my opinion, it is only fitting that we face our arch rival in this playoff game. Think about how much meaning this single game has. Its not only the NFC Championship on the line, but soooooo much more. It will define the winner’s superiority until they meet again in 80 years. Every regular season game where these two teams meet will never measure up to this single 60 minute spectacle.


I will leave you with this final thought, Bear down Chicago Bears…

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