Hello Egypt, Welcome to a New World

If you have had at least half an eye open, you know that Egyptians have won their freedom from 30 years of oppression.  May God bless them for everything they’ve endured in the past 3 decades, and their perseverance of the past month.

I can’t express the joy I feel in words, in emotion, in tears…none of it can come close to how I feel about this movement has shown the world that a single voice matters.  I have been watching this all day and night and am now imagining all the possibilities that the Egyptians shown us all.  What can the Arabs do when they unite in a peaceful protest with a voice that the world can hear?  Imagine a democratic Jordan, Saudi Arabia, or even a united Palestinian people.  The possibilities are limitless.  I read a tweet today that read, “30 seconds that erased 30 years” referring to the speech Omar Suleiman gave regarding Mubarak’s departure.  Oppressors everywhere beware, your reign is only seconds away from revolution.

A thank you to the Egyptian people is not enough.  As citizens of the human race we owe it to them to show them the utmost support in helping them rebuild their nation, their home.  Endless thank yous to Wael Ghonim and his crew for creating Revolution 2.0.  We should all take note, that a true cause has a voice.

Remember, being a humanitarian starts with being a human.

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