Blackberry forfeits the tablet fight…

Apple iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab, HTC 4G Tablet, Amazon Kindle Fire, and the Blackberry Playbook…. Well not exactly.

Reuters is reporting that analysts seem to think that Blackberry is putting an end to their tablet, the Playbook.

Thanks to Apple, the tablet market has exploded and the options are coming out of the woodwork.  But the ones that succeed will be able to balance the power of the machine with content to satisfy the audience.  Apple has built a business on making the content the product and the devices simply a sophisticated delivery method.  Albeit that Apple’s devices are ahead of the curve on many levels.  Amazon’s new Fire seems to be on the same track.  They have priced the device for the masses, yet they are making all sorts of content available, from books to streaming content.

So Blackberry may have seen the light.  The content has not been flowing into Blackberry’s App World as it would need to be to make the Playbook even a semi-success.

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Is The BlackBerry PlayBook History?: via HuffPost

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