Hey Americans, We’re Broke…. Wait, no we’re not.

The threat of FEMA and other government agencies closing down has loomed over our fearless* politicians for weeks (months even), yet it turns out that after someone at FEMA decided to use an abacus, they have enough to last through the end of the budget year.

This is kind of startling.  I mean, how is that someone didn’t notice that they actually have enough money to run that department, or any other for that matter?  What kind of oversight is there in that accounting department?  Is there just one guy/gal in there that was off the day they asked for the budget?

Even more frightening is the thought that this could be happening in many other government agencies, and we the people who foot the bill have no idea.  Freedom of Information Act aside, there should be some kind of annual report that gets sent to taxpayers showing the spending of each department and how my tax dollars are getting used.  “But Firas, that’s a lot of information, and would be a burden on the government.”  Let’s look at this way – We are the employer of the government, we pay them to accomplish tasks on behalf of the greater good of the country, so it should be their duty to let us know the money we give them on every payday is used the way it’s supposed to be.  If you are or know a politician, ask him/her for a breakdown of spending in any department, or even if they know how much it costs to run a department (just pick one) and I’ll bet my left toe they probably won’t know the answer without having to requisition a form to ask a department permission to ask someone else to see if they possibly know the answer.

Enough of my nonsensical opinion, read the full USA Today article here:
Shutdown averted? FEMA has enough disaster

*P.S. – most politicians aren’t fearless, they actual have a lot of fears, most of not getting re-elected.  Want to see real fear, tell a politician you won’t vote for them and watch them cringe.

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