Motorola Brewing another Tablet

Based on an FCC filing for August 25th, it looks like Motorola has submitted a tablet for the governing body to approve.  As of now, all that can be deciphered about the device is that it is a tablet, and may have a camera.  Motorola has contracted Compal, a Korean ODM (Original Device Manufacturer) to manufacture the device, according to the letter of authorization submitted to the FCC.

Lets hope that Motorola has something special planned for this device as the tablet war is now becoming more like a boring game of tablet checkers where the same person always wins, Apple.  And as I’m sure many Xoom users will tell you, the device is definitely lacking something.  Based on the looming takeover by Google, there may be some goodies, however, that this tablet has to offer.  Ice Cream Sandwich for tablets anyone?

Check out the FCC Filing here:

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