NFL Week 2 = Bears Reality Check

After watching a great performance by the Bears last week, I expected to at least see a competitive effort from the Bears going into their game with the Saints.
There’s a lot riding on this season for the Bears. Questions need to be answered.
  • Are the Bears contenders?
  • Is the offense really that bad?
  • Will Forte be here next year?
  • And, why can’t the O-line keep their quarterback safe?
At the beginning of every football season every team is a contender. But in reality, its the teams that have the most cohesive teams. Teams like the Patriots, the Packers, the Colts (at least last years Colts).  Their coaches have found a way to get each aspect of the team to operate in unison, and do what needs to get done to put W’s on the board.  So what did the Bears do to answer these questions? They traded their star Center, they are playing “contract chicken” with two necessary players – Lance Briggs and Matt Forte.  When instead they should be focusing on keeping the good players happy, and replacing the ones that let 52 sacks happen last season.  I know its not that easy, but seeing the Superbowl within reach last year, and being knocked out for the same reasons, should be a wake up call.
I guess I’m not saying anything new, but the Bears have suffered from the worst possible injury, bad management.  It is as if Jerry Angelo has no interest in putting together a winning team.  I mean, at what point do you just sit down and decide, “you know what, I don’t care if we win, lets just be cheap and see if we can make a cake out of yarn.”  For example, instead of getting rid of Olsen at the TE position, who can not only block, but when he catches the ball is hard to bring down, they picked up a TE (Clutts) as a “blocking Tight End”, nice one Martz.  In the grand scheme of things, that served absolutely no benefit whatsoever.  Especially when at the other of the of the O-Line you have J. Webb, who can’t block thin air.  There was a camera shot of him yesterday in the huddle, and he was just looking at Cutler like, “what is this guy saying, I see his mouth moving, but I don’t get it.”  Then you have K. Bell who missed almost every blocking assignment.  At this point, the Bears should just put a bunch of girls scouts at the line of scrimmage to block for Cutler.  They’d have a better chance, because maybe the other team will be afraid to hurt a little girl.  What am I saying, if that were the case they’d be afraid of hitting our current O-Line.  At one point yesterday when Cutler was pinned in his own end zone in the shotgun position, I expected him the hike the ball and just sit down in the end-zone.  And I would have been OK with that.  At least instead of punting the ball and giving the Saints a chance to score, which they did, we would have given them just 2 points, and gotten the ball back.  Plus it would have made a huge point to Mike Tice, “if your guys don’t wanna block for me, I’m gonna give points away.”  If I were Cutler, I would have my worst season ever in hopes of getting traded, and go to a different team and show the Bears that you can play (see Rex Grossman and Kyle Orton).
Don’t get me wrong, I’m a die-hard Bears fan, but it really upsets me that the coaches and management are just sitting idly by while the team just pummeled, year after year.  I mean, does a QB have to die for them to finally realize that we need an O-Line to protect.  And I’m not a football savant either, I just know that without a team that works together, you might as well not have a team (see the Singletary’s 49ers).

Sorry for all the negative Bears juju, but I want a winning team.

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