Apple iPhone 5 – PSYCHE!

Hooplah, hooplah, Apple’s making a big announcement!!!! They’re gonna introduce the iPhone 5.  It’s gonna be everything the iPhone 4 is and more.  It’s gonna be the phonetextwebtoiletcleaning device we’ve all been waiting for!!!

Nope.  It’s just an iPhone 4S.  Granted they’ve improved it quite a bit with a new 64GB version available, and cool features like Siri.  Here’s the list of features I think are most notable:

  • New iOS 5
  • New Notification Center to see all your messages in one place
  • Siri – the intelligent “humble personal assistant” that listens to your questions and gives you the answers your looking for – weather, schedule, stocks, etc…  I have to admit it was pretty damn cool to watch
  • iCloud service allowing you to sync your iTunes content, docs and photos seamlessly with your iPhone, iPad, and iPhod touch, and even your Mac and PC.  This will be a free service offering up to 5GB of free space, with additional space available for purchase
  • New 8 megapixel camera
    • BTW – now you can use the volume up button to take a picture, instead of the pesky touchscreen
  • Record video in full 1080p HD

The iPhone 4S will be priced at
$199 for 16GB
$299 for 32GB
$399 for 64GB
(all with a 2 year contract, of course)

And the phone is available in either black or white.  Pre-Orders start 10/7/11 – that’s in 3 days.  With the official availability date as 10/14/11.  If you live near an Apple Store, you might want to find a different route to work on that day.  Or am I wrong, is it more hype than it should be, and will people just say, “ehhh, I have the iPhone 4, why spend $200 just so my phone can talk back to me?”

Now where can you get this piece of hardware:

  • AT&T, of course
  • Verizon, of course
  • Sprint, of co…. that’s new (you’d already know this if you read my last blog post)

Anyway, props to Apple for making yet another impressive device, and even bigger props for letting everyone assume that iPhone 5 was on it’s way.  How silly of us to think that after 4 comes 5?  Who knew that there’s a 4s before you get to 5?  Man, has math changed since I was a kid.

Despite all the “new and improved” features and benefits of the iPhone 4S, I still think that without something that is more ground breaking, Android is going to continue to put up a strong fight for market share. Despite the pie charts shown in today’s Apple Presentation.

Watch the official iPhone 4S Video Here

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