Chicago Bears = No O-Line

If you watched the Bears @ Lions game yesterday, it should have been obvious that the Bears offense looked like it was just Cutler (QB) and Garza (C), with no offensive line to protect Cutler.

All the Cutler haters should take note that despite being under more pressure than any other QB in the NFL, Jay was able to make the most awkward passes look good.  Not only that, you could see that he was truly trying to win the game.  He threw off his back foot (bad technique for those that don’t know what that means), he threw while in the air, he threw while he was being tackled, and he even threw while a linebacker was bearing down on him.  So, to blame Cutler for yesterday’s loss is not fair.

Just to be clear, I’m not saying he’s the best QB in the NFL, but he is a terrific athlete, and has heart like no other QB the Bears have had in over 25 years.  He gets beaten down every week by whatever defensive line he’s playing against.  Yet he gets up on every play like it didn’t happen and tries to make the next play work.  And I’ve heard many people say, “he’s spending too much time in the pocket” or “he needs to move around more”, when in reality the QB is supposed to spend time in the pocket.  That’s why they call it a pocket!  The O-Line is supposed to give him time to let the play develop and for the QB to find an open receiver.  As far as moving around more, uhhhhhh he doesn’t have a choice but to move around.  He’s being chased by some defensive player on every play.

As a devout Bears fan, I have to say that I’m utterly disgusted with the coaching staff and the caliber of play from the offensive line and the secondary.  If we just had lineman that would block for their quarterback, the offense could make plays.  And the secondary is our weakest defensive component.

So if you want to blame someone on the Bears for the horrible start to the season, here’s a list for you to choose from:

  • Lovie Smith – “hello, I’m new here, can you show how this football thing works”
  • Mike Tice – “I teach the offensive line how to play patty-cake at practice”
  • J’Marcus Webb (73) – “what was the play call again? who am I supposed to block?”
  • Frank Omiyale (68) – “I don’t know what a quarterback is”
  • Brandon Meriweather (31) – “I just like to run fast, I didn’t know I was supposed to stop a receiver”
  • Mike Martz – someone PLEASE get this man a play clock so knows when to call the plays, or just let Cutler do it on his own
  • and of course, Jerry Angelo – just stop being you, or leave, you pick

I’m sure the list could be much longer, but I’ll just upset myself if I keep adding to it.  To know that there is so much horribleness on the team after a Playoff season really pisses me off.

I’ll never stop being a Bears fan, but I will have to choose my alternate team early this year.  As a Bears fan, you have to have an alternate team to root for every season.  I think I’m picking Buffalo, or even the 49ers (I was always a Harbough fan, go #4!).

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