Report: Apple’s Finally Going 4G with iPhone 5 and iPad 3

According to an article posted on GIZMODO (click the link below for the article) today, an iPhone 5 and iPad 3 with 4G speeds could be on their way sometime next year (summer/fall).

With all the Android manufacturers pumping out 4G devices like water, it only makes sense that Apple add that to their prodigal son.  The question remains, which carriers will offer the iPhone on their 4G network?  Will it be open to all current carriers of the iPhone, or will it only be available to carriers with an LTE network big enough? Sorry Sprint.  Or will they make LTE and WiMax versions for the respective carriers?  Highly unlikely, but you never know.  And how will the battery life be affected by the 4G network?  As it stands now, the iPhone and it’s battery are in a constant power struggle (pun intended).  Plus, anyone who currently has a phone that is 4G capable will tell you that 4G is definitely a battery killer, I’m speaking from personal experience here.  Not only that, where exactly can you get good, clean, consistent 4G coverage?  I know that if I stand in the right spot in my house, I might be lucky enough to have it for a few minutes.  I’m sure this will be a concern for Apple, considering they’re all about user experience.  They’re not going to want iPhone users to be upset because they can’t use the 4G they were promised.  Then again, it’s an iPhone, people will buy it just to say that have one, and if 4G works, all the better.

There are also reports that Sony and Hitachi have signed up to develop the new 4″ screen for the iPhone 5.  Now, that’s big news, since HTC, Samsung, and Motorola have been sporting large screens for some time.  You might think a 1/2″ bigger screen won’t make a difference, but try this: watch a YouTube video on the current iPhone and on any other 4″ screen phone and you’ll be hard-pressed to say that you had a better viewing experience with the iPhone.

And besides giving the next iPad 4G capability, what else are they going to add?  Siri maybe?  Now that would be a great little addition.  I don’t think they’ll make it any thinner, though.  Apple should, however consider improving the cameras to compete with all the other tablets.  The iPad should have cameras just as nice as the iPhone, no less.

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[FROM GIZMODO] Report: Apple’s Finally Going 4G with iPhone 5 and iPad 3.

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