Hanie, Hanie, Hanie….

What can be said about Hanie’s performance yesterday that hasn’t already been said?  He played like a deer in headlights (not sure if anyone said that yet, but, I’ll claim it).  He as was misreading the defense, not moving around in the pocket, etc, etc…  I didn’t watch any press conferences or post-game yesterday because I didn’t want to hear the same, “we should have played better” BS.

The fact of the matter is that Hanie is inexperienced and while he’s shown signs of potentially being a good quarterback, he’s not there.  Simply put, he’s a 4 year veteran that’s still a rookie.  Don’t get me wrong, I think he’ll be a great QB, given the right offense, training, and experience.  But for now, he just not there.  I still have faith that he can manage the Bears offense to a playoff seat, but it’s gonna be tough going.  And he wasn’t the reason they lost yesterday, at least not the only reason.  Roy Williams!  You’re a veteran receiver that should know the first rule of playing WR is to catch THEN run.  In the interception yesterday, and many of his “dropped” passes this season, you’ll notice that he’s trying to run before he has possession of the ball.  That means he’s taking his eye of the ball, thus the dropped pass.  Or in yesterday’s case, a bobble interception.  And I really don’t want to talk about Conti’s decision to interrupt Urlacher’s interception.  I mean really, were his eyes closed, or did he think Urlacher wasn’t going to catch the ball that was already in his hands?

And the offensive line?  They were missing assignments on almost every crucial down.  J’Marcus Web (73) is the most guilty party.  He has been a Achilles Heal to the offensive line for 2 seasons.  If I were a defensive end I would ask to be lined up against him.  It’s inconsistency in the offensive line that is making it difficult to get a true picture on how good or bad Hanie is.  That plus a veteran receiver that can’t catch.  If I were the O-Line coach, I would make pocket protection drills mandatory for every practice, even on their off day. These players get paid millions of dollars to put their lives on the line for a game.  But what is it all worth if they can’t put “The Ring” on their finger?  People don’t really remember the losers (unless you’re the 2011 Colts 0-12).  So practice more, and do your job well, and you may be remembered.

All of this is even more important now than ever, because of Forte’s injury.  Without an all-around player to help move the chains, the Bears will have to rely on good old-fashioned football.  They need the receivers to receive, running back to run, tight ends to block and catch, and offensive line to protect and make holes when necessary.  I know this all seems like simple Football 101, but if you watched yesterday’s game, you would think KC was the pro team and the Bears were a high school team.

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