Update on Me

I know you’re just dieing to know why I haven’t posted anything since December 5th!!  Actually, I know you don’t care.  A lot has happened since then: went to Palestine (yes Palestine, that’s the name see: West Wing Palestine), went to New York, and, and, and, uhhhhh, that’s it.

The trip to Palestine was fantastic, and I have to thank my wife for twisting my limbs to be a “tourist” and see all the historical sites.  It was really amazing.  Except for the whole occupation thing, but that’s for another time.  We say were Jesus was born (where he was really born), where he was laid to rest, where he was carried to his crucifixion, we walked in his footsteps.  I know what you’re thinking, “but Firas, you’re not even a Christian.”  Right, but history is history and it is a great thing to be able to see the walls, streets, buildings that have so much history.  We saw the Dome of the Rock, one of the holiest Islamic places in the world.  To think that in that small city of Jerusalem the 3 religions are neighbors, albeit 2 of the neighbors don’t really get a long.

We saw the Dead Sea, which by the way has the lowest bar on Earth (they weren’t open when we were there).  We stood right at Sea Level, we saw castles in ruin.

In summary, we took over 900 pictures and we still only saw about 10% of the country.

The trip to New York was another of my wife’s whimsical ideas.  We went for a single day, left Chicago in the morning, returned the same night.  We visited Times Square, Empire State Building, 30 Rock, 911 Memorial, Late Show Studio, and we took in the Nutcracker Play.

Basically, I got lazy and stopped writing.  But, to all you loyal readers (honey), I will start posting more, and more, and more….until you tell me to stop.

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