No Mitt Romney

Open Letter to Mitt…

Mitt Mitt Mitt Mitt.  You sneaky little bugger.  Your campaigning on the stance that you have the answer to decrease unemployment, balance the budget, defend this country, or depending on who you’re talking to, the opposite of all of the above.

No Mitt RomneyLet’s talk about jobs.  I have yet to hear exactly “how” you intend to bring more jobs to Americans.  Are you going to just tell companies to hire more people?  Are you going to give big corporations more tax breaks for hiring people?  I got it, how about you just make it a law that everyone in the U.S. has to have a job, and if they don’t you arrest them…. That way, they’ll have a job, in prison, making $0.10/hr making parts for a company that would rather hire inmates than out of work Americans, cause it’s cheaper.  And if they didn’t hire those inmates, they’d send the work to China/India/Korea, etc…  I don’t have the answer to the job question, and you need to admit that you don’t either, no one has the silver bullet.  The American people don’t want a broken promise, give us your ideas and let us make the choice.  Because, as we all know, promises from politicians are just pretty looking lies.

The budget.  Now that is something I know you know how to fix….if you could find a way to do a leveraged buyout on America and sell it off in pieces to the highest bidder.  You ran Massachusetts and you got rid of the deficit there, but how?  You raised taxes, raised fees on everyday consumers and cut spending on vital services.  And no, Mitt, being a governor is not like being President.  You can’t and shouldn’t liken the two because one does not qualify you to be the other.  If you intend on doing to the whole country what you did in MA, then you’re in for a rude 1 term awakening (that’s assuming lightning strikes 100 times and you win the election).

In your Michigan campaign you said something that was just misguided and blatantly shows you have no concept of reality.  And you’ve been running on this platform for the entire campaign.  Now keep in mind that this dangerous direction that you say was caused by Obama STARTED under Bush.  All the recovery is THANKS to Obama, the policies he has gotten Congress to pass.  So please, know what you’re saying, or hire a better Speech Writer and Communications Director for the campaign.  Cause stuff like this makes you look silly, and trust me, your Mom Jeans ain’t helpin’.

 I think this president has taken us in a very dangerous direction

How’s your Farsi?  We all know that you want to kick Iran right in the nose.  But do you even know why they’re pissed at America.  Probably not.  They didn’t teach that in Bloomfield Hills.  It may be that your suffering from BushWMD-itus.  It’s a chronic Republican condition where all you want is to go to war, even if your reason is a lie.  Do you, or anyone for that matter, know with 100% certainty that Iran has nuclear weapons? Last I checked, you didn’t even know what NASCAR was, now THAT’S un-American!

Speaking of the Middle East, how ’bout some oily talk.  How are you going to help us get gas prices down?  You gonna drill some more?  You gonna stop exporting?  What?  Not a clue, huh?  I’ll give you this one.  How about you make the people where the oil comes from happy and you’ll see less uneasiness in the Oil Futures and the price will go down.  As it is now, the tension in the Middle East makes those commodities people crazy, so the price of the barrel of oil goes up, then I have to pay $4.30 a gallon to get to work.  And herein lies the problem, you don’t have a plan for this, and you’ve never said you did.  All you said was, Barak Obama made gas prices high.  You idiot!  That is an impossibility.  The President of the United States could come out tomorrow and say, “I want gas to be $1/gallon”, and everyone would laugh and just change the channel.  The President does not have direct control of the price of oil, gas, or even the pants he wears to work every day.

Back to the economy.  I know you say you’re going to help the middle class, but you just gotta stop lying.  It’s a sin, even for a Mormon.  And do you actually think that it’s fair that people who make over $1 million per year pay less (proportionately) in taxes than someone who makes $40,000.  Why is the person who makes less, and probably works a lot harder, penalized because of their income?  Because they didn’t have a rich American Motors Executive father like you did?  Or because $21 million a year is just not enough?  That my friend is the definition of class warfare.  The definition of class warfare, according to, is:

conflict between different classes in a community resulting from different social or economic positions and reflecting opposed interests

So let’s look at you, for example.  In 2011 you made about $21 million.  You paid $3 million in taxes.  That’s about 14% in taxes.  However, the nice guy that you are, you gave $3.5 million to charity, more than you paid in taxes.  You have an estimated net worth of about $260-$350 million dollars, and you don’t think that it is fair to contribute equally to the financial stability of the country that made all of your wealth possible?  Are you saying you can’t afford to pay $6 million in taxes?  Would that make it difficult to pay the car payments on your wife’s 2 Cadillacs?

And by the way, you need to start admitting that you passed healthcare reform in MA that is veeerrrry similar to the Healthcare bill being proposed today.  You saw value in a universal healthcare program for the constituents of MA, but not for the rest of America.  I reiterate my earlier point….YOU IDIOT!

I don’t intend to be mean (yes I do), but you’re not fit to be the President.  You don’t know what the people want, how to fix what’s wrong with the economy, and your foreign policy is non-existent.  You are a very good business person, so stay there and go back buying failing companies and making profit on misery of others.

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