Weekly Wireless Roundup 7/19/13

As per usual, a lot happened in wireless this week.  Here are some highlights that I find important:

7/11 – Nokia drops the Lumia 1020, with a 41 megapixel camera! That’s A LOT of megapixels!
Nokia is turning up the heat on Samsung and Apple on the hardware side, hoping people will adopt their devices based on the device and not the OS. Only time will tell….no it won’t.

7/11 – Sprint launches Unlimited Guarantee and New Unlimited, My Way plans
Guaranteeing customers unlimited talk, text and data, and adding a customizable family plan option

7/13 – AT&T throws money at Leap (as I predicted in my evolution of wireless article)
AT&T can’t buy T-Mobile, so they buy someone else just to fill the urge.

7/15 – AT&T rolls out “Next” to compete with T-Mobile’s Jump
It’s a contest to see who has the best early upgrade program

7/18 – Verizon Edge Program announced
Verizon jumps into the early upgrade program mix – of course they can’t let AT&T and T-Mobile have fund

7/18 – Paulson & Co agrees with me on the future of Dish, T-Mobile, and Sprint.
Paulson & Co believe that T-Mobile is still ripe for a buyout/merger from Dish or Sprint.  I think there will be a triple consolidation.

These are the stories that mattered to me.  If I missed someting, let me know and I’ll look into it and give you a complete book report.

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