About Me

Who the heck am I?

My name is Firas Naji. I was born on October 11, XXXX (you don’t need to know my real age). I was born in Berwyn, IL to Palestinian born parents. They immigrated to this country in ’60s and became successful business people. They owned and operated a travel agency for nearly 30 years. Yes, I got to go to a lot of very cool places.

I grew up in a southwestern suburb of Chicago, Countryside. And eventually moved to Orland Park with my mother. Yes I lived with my mother, that’s a long story for another blog. Then, of course I went and got married. She’s awesome, beautiful, smart, all of it. I’m not just saying that because she reads this blog, I’m serious, everyone should be so lucky. Anywho, we moved to Lemont IL and here we are today.

Oh yeah, I do work. I am the Director of National Sales for PlatinumTel Wireless. They are a nationwide prepaid wireless provider, that’s been around since 2001. They offer the cheapest pay as you go wireless plan in the US. I know it sounds like a plug, but I really believe in the product, otherwise I wouldn’t work there. I work with some of smartest, knowledgable, and innovative people I’ve ever met.

And the rest…..well if I get to know you well enough, you’ll find out.