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Google – Verizon MVNO?

So the latest tech gossip is that Google and Verizon Wireless have been discussing the possibility of Google becoming an MVNO on Big Red’s network.  The reports have also said that the MVNO would only operate in the markets where Google provides is fiber network. (note: this really isn’t gossip, it’s been reported by multiple sources)

So what does it mean that the biggest company in the world wants to start offering wireless service?  Well, at this point it doesn’t mean much since Google’s fiber is only available in 2 markets, Provo, UT and Kansas City, MO.  That’s not to say that Google doesn’t have a grand scheme to provide their fiber to more markets throughout the U.S.  But what do the fiber and the possibility of becoming an MVNO have to do with each other, and why does Google care?

In my opinion Google wants people to have full connectivity.  They could want to leverage VZ’s LTE network as a supplement for area’s where their fiber network is lacking.  They could also want to offer hybrid calling where the subscriber can jump from their fiber network to Verizon’s LTE and keep talking (see Republic Wireless).  WiFi calling is not a new concept and something Google has had in their wheelhouse for some time . . . Google Voice.

Whatever the reason, Google teaming up with Verizon has a lot of implications that could benefit consumers, resulting in potentially lower wireless service and data costs.

We’ll just have to wait to find out exactly what Google has in store.


John Paulson Agrees…w/Me

So yesterday, hedge fund captain John Paulson (Paulson & Co.) put out a letter to their clients about why they held onto T-Mobile U.S. stock.  The feeling is that T-Mobile is still ripe for a merger/takeover by Dish Network or Sprint.  Not to brag, but I said that 2 weeks ago. Continue reading “John Paulson Agrees…w/Me” »


AT&T Buying Leap

AT&TIn my last article about Wireless (Evolution of the Wireless Landscape) I talked about the coming consolidation of the wireless carriers in the U.S.  One of the carriers I predicted would be picked up by a bigger fish….is in the process of getting picked up.  Leap (Cricket) is getting a $1.2 Billion buyout handed to it by AT&T.  I know, I said that Sprint should buy them and I stand by that.

Continue reading “AT&T Buying Leap” »

So T-Mobile and MetroPCS merged after AT&T’s failed takeover attempt of T-Mobile.  SoftBank’s bid to take over 80% of Sprint got the stamp of approval from shareholders.  Dish Network is searching for a wireless carrier to merge/buy out so it can get into the game.  Verizon Wireless’ parent Vodofone is looking for options.  And AT&T…well who knows?  So what does it all mean? Continue reading “Evolution of the Wireless Landscape” »


Sprint’s edge, unlimited data, now seen as a problem

In an article in from Reuters analysts are saying that with all the people looking for Unlimited Data on their wireless phone, that Sprint may actually shoot itself in the foot.  Let’s hope not, because they’ve got a good thing going, and as a Sprint user, I don’t want like the idea of being limited.








Check out the link below for the full article in the Chicago Tribune

Sprint’s edge, unlimited data, now seen as a problem.


Sprint Spends $20 Billion

Sprint is banking on customers who want an iPhone on the Sprint network. Banking so much that they committed to give Apple $20 Billion, regardless of whether you’re gonna buy one. What does $20 Billion buy, 30,500,000 iPhones. That puts the cost to Sprint at $655.74 per phone. Granted this $20B is spread over 4 years. Continue reading “Sprint Spends $20 Billion” »

Sprint and T-Mobile are dating…..

This is fake – I made it up!
According to the WSJ Sprint and T-Mobile are in preliminary talks to merge. This would make them easily the second largest wireless carrier in the U.S.
Since last summer there have been murmurs regarding these two wireless companies getting together to become one. There are a lot of questions to be answered if a merger like this were to occur:
1. Which would be their network of choice?
Seeing that Sprint operates on CDMA and is pushing their WIMAX (for now) and soon to be offering LTE (supposedly); and T-Mobile operates on GSM and has just recently launched 4G, which one would they convert to.  No matter which direction they choose to go, a conversion of any sort would be difficult, expensive, and take some time.  There are definitely advantages to going with either network, but the effect on the subscribers would also have to be taken into consideration.
….which leads me to
2.  Phones/Devices
If they decide to go GSM, they would open the flood gates  to new devices (iPhone cough cough).  And cool things like talking and surfing at the same time.  On the other hand, which 4G network would be better.  As an early adopter of 4G I’m pretty upset with the whole 4G debacle as it is….  But, with a merger like this there could be some real advances in the ability to actually make 4G work, instead of just having a signal meter on my phone that can’t find a 4G signal….
3. iDen
Would the replacement for iDen still exist.  As it is now, Sprint has already announced it’s plan to get rid of iDen in it’s current form and replace it with something else.  I also have an iDen phone (don’t ask why, it hurts to talk about it), and I’ve come to terms with the future loss.
4.  Who will run the company?
Even though Sprint and T-Mobile may have great leaders under their respective roofs, I say they need to look for an innovator that can see the true potential of the merger.  Not someone who will only look at “how many people can we get to by our next phone”.  What they really need is someone who can explore the true potential of the technology they have.  4G is supposed to allow 10 times the information at 1/10th of the cost, so why not take information and telecommunications to the next level?
In the end, I honestly hope they merge, but only if they have a concrete plan on what they intend to offer the world.  If they merge and say, “we’ll figure it out” then its time to switch to Verizon!

Check out the LG Rumor from PlatinumTel

LG Rumor QWERTY Phone on Real Paygo

The LG Rumor is perfect for the “texter” in you! Use the slide out QWERTY keyboard to easily text your friends, family, or even your boss.

Other must have features include:

  • Bluetooth
  • 1.3 Megapixel Camera
  • Speakerphone
  • Memory Card Slot

Here are some Quick Specs for the “techy” in you:

  • Dimensions: 4.3″ x 2″ x .7″
  • Form Factor: Bar with Slide-out QWERTY / Internal Antenna
  • Talk-time: 4.5 hours
  • Display: LCD 176×220 pixels 262K colors
  • TTY Capable: Yes