Update on Me

I know you’re just dieing to know why I haven’t posted anything since December 5th!!  Actually, I know you don’t care.  A lot has happened since then: went to Palestine (yes Palestine, that’s the name see: West Wing Palestine), went to New York, and, and, and, uhhhhh, that’s it. Continue reading “Update on Me” »


Hanie, Hanie, Hanie….

What can be said about Hanie’s performance yesterday that hasn’t already been said?  He played like a deer in headlights (not sure if anyone said that yet, but, I’ll claim it).  He as was misreading the defense, not moving around in the pocket, etc, etc…  I didn’t watch any press conferences or post-game yesterday because I didn’t want to hear the same, “we should have played better” BS. Continue reading “Hanie, Hanie, Hanie….” »


Report: Apple’s Finally Going 4G with iPhone 5 and iPad 3

According to an article posted on GIZMODO (click the link below for the article) today, an iPhone 5 and iPad 3 with 4G speeds could be on their way sometime next year (summer/fall). Continue reading “Report: Apple’s Finally Going 4G with iPhone 5 and iPad 3” »


Rough Start for Hanie

A lot can be said about how he played yesterday, but most of all, he stuck through it until the end.  That says a lot for a new starter.  He’s no rookie, by any means, and he’s worked with Cutler long enough to know how the team works, and what is expected from a Bears QB.  Yes, he threw 3 interceptions, 2 of which were clearly his fault, but I think we can chalk it up to anxiety, or just being unsure in the position.  However, what I can’t figure out is what Martz was thinking in trying to establish the pass before the run. Continue reading “Rough Start for Hanie” »


Sprint’s edge, unlimited data, now seen as a problem

In an article in from Reuters analysts are saying that with all the people looking for Unlimited Data on their wireless phone, that Sprint may actually shoot itself in the foot.  Let’s hope not, because they’ve got a good thing going, and as a Sprint user, I don’t want like the idea of being limited.








Check out the link below for the full article in the Chicago Tribune

Sprint’s edge, unlimited data, now seen as a problem.


The Joint Committee of Morons

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I wholeheartedly believe that there is not one single politician in Washington that gives a damn about the American people. From the top down, including Democrats and Republicans. It really makes you wonder what we as Americans are doing to elect the most superficial people to the institution that runs this country. I don’t support either party because they are both agenda based, rather than being based on what this country needs. But that is the big question, what does this country need? We need a balanced budget, more jobs (American jobs), less war, better schools, and I think if we start here, everything else can fall into place. But, even as a country, we can’t agree on what we need for the benefit of the whole. We’re a self-interested group, all trying to do what’s best for “me” instead of what’s best for all. Continue reading “The Joint Committee of Morons” »


Cutler Out – Now What?

I’m sure you all heard the disheartening news that Cutler (#6) may be out for the rest of the regular season due to a fractured thumb in his throwing hand.  According to an interview with WBBM this morning, Lovie Smith has confirmed that Cutler does have a fractured thumb based on X-Rays taken on Sunday night after the game.  He would not confirm, however, that Cutler would be out for the rest of the regular season.  He told Josh Liss of WBBM this morning, “I’m not going to play doctor” when asked about the extent of Cutler’s injury and how long he would be out.  I would think it’s safe to say he’s out for the rest of the season, only because he’s going to have to have surgery to repair the fracture and need healing time to get full range of motion in his thumb. Continue reading “Cutler Out – Now What?” »


Millionaires Ask For Taxes

A while back I wrote about the Buffet Rule, which is basically asking for a tax increase on the rich, or and end to the Bush Tax Cuts, however you want to look at it.  In short, by getting rid of the tax cuts, the U.S. would cut the deficit by $1.2 trillion over the next 10-12 years, unless of course we go to war again…  Anyway, some people didn’t like my article, blasting Buffet, blasting my theory, and basically saying that it won’t work.  I even had my first “twittargument”.  Well for those mathematically challenged citizens, I’m sorry to say, it will work, and the proof is right there in your calculator.  I traditionally don’t stand with either Democrats or Republicans, but on this, it’s DEMS all the way.  Finally, the Democrats have put a solution on the table that could get this country back on financial track. Don’t get me wrong, though, I still belong to the “Politicians Are Morons” party, but you work with what’s there…

Anyway, an article came out today with the headline “U.S. millionaires ask Congress: ‘Raise our taxes’“.  Well, I just had to read it.  These rich do-gooders went on and wrote Mr. Obama and Congress with the simple idea of raising taxes on themselves.  This group of 138 millionaires calls themselves the “Patriotic Millionaires for Fiscal Strength” (all that money and they couldn’t come up with something more catchy?).  Now they’re reaching out to the super-committee that has been tasked to get both parties together on the matter and make a decision. Continue reading “Millionaires Ask For Taxes” »