The Moto RAZR is back . . . Kinda.

At approximately 2PM CST today, Motorola will be releasing the new DROID Razr.  Remember the Razr?  It was the coolest phone of its time.  Everyone had one, some even had 2 (you know who you are).  It was slim, it had text messaging, it went on the Internet, and…..well that’s all.  But for the time, it was a great phone.

Now, Motorola is banking on the strength of the name to help is slumping wireless phone sales.  What they seem to have forgotten is that when the Razr first came out, there was nothing like it.  It set a new standard for how phones should work and look.  With the DROID Razr, they basically took the DROID they have and made it thinner.  Don’t get me wrong, that’s a big deal in terms of how they are able to fit all that technology in a slimmer package.  But in reality, it’s not the game changer that the original Razr was. Continue reading “The Moto RAZR is back . . . Kinda.” »


The Buffet Rule

Warren Buffet is at it again.  There he goes making sense again.  How much sense can one guy make???

If you’re not already familiar, the Buffet Rule is the name of a bill being offered up to Congress to make sure that the ultra-rich pay their fair share of Federal Income Tax. Continue reading “The Buffet Rule” »


Steve Jobs 02/24/1955 – 10/05/2011

As the whole world mourns one of the greatest minds in history, we should really take a look at just what kind of impact Steve Jobs has made on mankind.  You can compare him to any of the innovators of history, Ben Franklin, Alexander Graham Bell, Galileo, he fits right up there at the top. Continue reading “Steve Jobs 02/24/1955 – 10/05/2011” »


Sprint Spends $20 Billion

Sprint is banking on customers who want an iPhone on the Sprint network. Banking so much that they committed to give Apple $20 Billion, regardless of whether you’re gonna buy one. What does $20 Billion buy, 30,500,000 iPhones. That puts the cost to Sprint at $655.74 per phone. Granted this $20B is spread over 4 years. Continue reading “Sprint Spends $20 Billion” »

Motorola Brewing another Tablet

Based on an FCC filing for August 25th, it looks like Motorola has submitted a tablet for the governing body to approve.  As of now, all that can be deciphered about the device is that it is a tablet, and may have a camera.  Motorola has contracted Compal, a Korean ODM (Original Device Manufacturer) to manufacture the device, according to the letter of authorization submitted to the FCC. Continue reading “Motorola Brewing another Tablet” »


Hey Americans, We’re Broke…. Wait, no we’re not.

The threat of FEMA and other government agencies closing down has loomed over our fearless* politicians for weeks (months even), yet it turns out that after someone at FEMA decided to use an abacus, they have enough to last through the end of the budget year. Continue reading “Hey Americans, We’re Broke…. Wait, no we’re not.” »